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"A week in the life of -

Haiti Cherie"

a photo book project...

Holiday Schedule Haiti Public Holidays

1 January Independence Day

2 January Ancestry Day

7 April Death of Toussaint Louverture

18 May Flag Day

*1 thru 8 August* "A Week in the life of - Haiti Cherie"

15 August Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

17 October Death of Jean-Jacques Dessalines

1 November All Saints

2 November All Souls

18 November Vertières Day

5 December Discovery of Haiti

25 December Christmas Day

Moveable Feasts

Carnival 7 March 2000

Good Friday 21 April 2000

Easter 23 April 2000

Virtually every day this year will be a holiday somewhere in the world with business and government offices closed while employees watch parades, pray, or perhaps enjoy a quiet holiday at home with their family. Seasoned business travelers build their schedules around these holidays, because the alternative can be a frustrating day wasted in a hotel room while the local people, from the top executives to the people in the streets observe their traditional holiday rituals. In cases where holidays fall on Saturday or Sunday, commercial establishments may be closed the preceding Friday or following Monday. Although other countries holidays are not listed in this schedule, they should also be considered when appointments are made abroad. The holiday schedules used are from unnofficial sources, therefore this calendar is only intended as a working guide.

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