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Please fill out this short survey about you and your Spring break plans.

1) What is your first name?: (Do not hit return)

2) What is the name of your college or university?: (Do not hit return)

3) Where did you go on Spring break last year?: (Do not hit return)
4) How much did you spend on Spring break last year?
Under $399
Between $400 - 599
Between $600 - $799
Between $800 - $999
More than $1,000
5) Where do you plan to go on Spring break this year?: (Do not hit return)
6) What are the dates for Spring break this year?: (Do not hit return)
7) What year of study are you currently completing?
Graduate school
8) How old are you?
Under 18 years old
19 - 20 years old
21 - 22 years old
23 - 24 years old
Older than 25 years old

NOTE: Thank you for completing this short survey.

Hitting "Submit" will take you to a screen called "HaitiPhoto.html"